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Cette page est une version traduite de la page Déclaration de confidentialité - App iOS et la traduction est complétée à 100 %.

tpg offline is an open-source app. However, we have to use third-party services and we have to collect some data for some features

Internal Services

Smart reminders

Smart reminders are departures reminders that, unlike standard reminders, take into account traffic variations and bus delays.

For this service, we have to temporarily store your Apple Push Notifications unique identifier. This identifier is used to send the reminder to the right device. It is only shared with Apple, who sends you the reminder, and is automatically removed from our database once the reminder is sent

Disruptions monitoring

Disruptions monitoring sends you a notification on each disruptions on the desired lines and hours.

Just like for smart reminders, we need to register your unique identifier for push notifications. For this service, this identifier remains in our databases until the identifier becomes invalid or you remove the disruption monitor.

Data hosting

The server and the tpg offline database (as well as this wiki) are hosted by the limited liability company Alwaysdata, with its head office at 62 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris (phone: +33 1 84 16 23 40).

Third-party services and permission

Fabric - Bug reporting and analytics

Fabric is a Google service that is used in tpg offline to receive bug reports and analytics information.

Starting from version 21, this third-party service can be deactivated. However, we doon't recommend disabling it, as all error and crash reports are automatically sent to tpg offline.

This service is automatically disabled in Debug versions of tpg offline.


The location is requested for:

  • Show the nearest stops
  • Show a notification before arriving at a connection / to your destination with Go!
  • Show location on maps

All distance calculations are done on device. Location is never shared with anyone.

Also, the location is used only when the application is active, to extend the battery life

=== === Notifications Access to notifications is requested for:

  • Reminders / Smart reminders for departures
  • Perturbation Monitoring
  • Go! Mode

We will never send unwanted notifications.

Siri (iOS 12)

Access to Siri is required for:

  • Show proactive suggestions on the lock screen and search box
  • See departures directly in Siri

Background refresh

Background refresh is requested for:

  • Show push notifications (smart reminders and disruptions monitoring)

Cellular data

Cellular data access is requested for:

  • Show departures real-time data
  • Show the route of a vehicle
  • Show the disruptions
  • Show next departures of a line
  • Show maps
  • Add disruptions monitoring
  • Show routes
  • Download offline departures
  • Show external websites (Credits, History of lines by SNOTPG, Github webpage)
  • Give your opinion by email